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Antibodies and Immunohistochemistry.

Many will brush off antibody as just a biological term but they may not understand what antibodies and what they do in their body. In description antibodies are immunoglobulin that are produced by a type of white blood cell. Antibodies are large and Y shaped and their role in the immune system is to respond to the presence of disease causing organisms in the body. The moment a threat to the well-being of the body enters the body the immune system starts to act against it. Disease causing organisms are either chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Upon the antigen entry being detected the immune system will produce antibodies which mark the disease causing organism and its destroyed. It is right to picture antibodies as scouts which are sent throughout the body to mark the antigen by sticking to it and the immune system can conveniently destroy it.

Each antibody is made for a specific antigen and it bears receptors that are specially going to bond with that antigen. Once the antigen has been attacked and rid of the body, the antibody is still retained in the body to await any future attacks from the same antigen. The process of dealing with the antigen for a second time will be much faster and in the earlier stages of the infection. Immunizations are just mild forms of an antigen that trigger the creation of antibodies in the immune system and that way the body stays guarded. Antibodies exist in five types and surprisingly they are located in different parts the body.

It is no secret that medicine has advanced and professionals in medicine are able to manipulate what is there to come up with a desired result. Immunohistochemistry combines the use of immunological , biochemical and anatomical means to image the components that are highly discrete in the tissue by using antibodies that have been labeled to stick to the antigen. The antigens in this procedure are targeted and specific.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is used in disease diagnosis in research and in the development of drugs. Through the use of special tumor marking, physicians can detect whether there are tumors in the body through IHC. IHC is used as a primary diagnosis or it could be used as a confirmatory procedure because dome of the diseases could require more than one test so as to say you have conclusive results . Immunohistochemistry in biological research can be used alone or it can used in combination with other procedures in an effort to have much more informed results. In drug development on the other hand , IHC checks on the efficacy and activity as shown by the disease markers in the tissue.

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