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Promotional Products and Their Effects on Business Marketing

There are countless opportunities for a business to stand out from the competition, and within these techniques lies the distribution of promotional products. Indeed, handing out free, branded stuff to the public – for instance, towelettes or pens carrying your logo – is an effective marketing approach that will keep you visible to people from day to day.

If you’re looking for the specific advantages of adding promotional products to your marketing mix, here are the top five:

Stronger Brand Recognition

One goal common to all types of businesses – no matter the size – is brand recognition. How can you make your brand unique enough to be noticed, and how do you make it stay in the minds of your customers or potential customers? Personalize an item they use everyday!

Extensive Reach, Low Price

With a small marketing budget, it can be challenging to decide how to spend the money while making sure that your goals are all achieved. Promotional products provide great value for investment, considering the price tag is small and the impact is huge and memorable. Remember this: a simple giveaway goes a long way in terms of boosting customer loyalty.

Business Card Substitute

Although business cards will never go out of style, promotional products are also a fun and creative way of providing your contact details. So if you would usually just leave your business card, leave your card and at least one promo item. For instance, if you own a bookstore, give away a mug with your logo on it. Whenever they use that mug, you will enter their mind, and that is good for business.

When marketing your business, you have to understand the importance of repeat exposure. How do you keep your business in customers’ awareness without always spending a lot of money? Piece of cake. Just think about the things your customers will want to have around. It comes back to pens, mugs, towelettes, paper weights and other everyday items with your logo on them.

Variety in Marketing

What can you say about your marketing portfolio? Say, if you had to pick between eating the same burger for lunch two days a week, or eating a different lunch every week, which would you prefer? Obviously, you’ll go for variety like most people do.

It’s the same with marketing a business. It’s important to have consistent marketing items, but when it comes to branding, branding also counts. With your logo there, you can give away different types of products for the benefit of consumers. Of course, you also need to pick top quality products, or it will reflect poorly on your business.

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